The worlds FASTEST growing tree!


empress royal treeThe Empress Royal Paulownia Tree is the worlds FASTEST growing tree!  You'll be amazed as you watch it grow as much as 12 feet or more during the first year.  It's the only tree that grows up to 1 inch every few days.  You can expect full growth in just 3 years of up to 60 feet!  This tree can grow in almost any climate and will add to your yards beauty and privacy.






Benefits & Features:

  • Smells of Gardenia & Jasmine
  • Grows in almost any climate
  • Lives to an old age
  • Tolerates drought
  • Adds to yard privacy
  • Environmentally beneficial


It's Super Easy To Plant
After selecting the perfect spot to plant (full or partial sunlight) simply dig the hole shallower than the root ball, and loosen the roots.  Then place the Royal Empress Tree vertically in the hole and backfill with the dirt. Then sit back and watch how fast it grows!  


Get Your Trees Today
You cannot get the Empress Royal Tree in stores, so order online today. Plus, when you buy 2 trees now, you'll get DOUBLE THE ORDER.  That's a set of 4 trees for just $9.98.  Supply is limited, so don't delay.